Children’s Ministries

As Christians we need to be very careful that we are being shaped by the Word of God.  In our culture, children are continually bombarded with false ideas in the books they read, the videos they watch, and the internet. The goal of our children’s ministries is to teach children truth. We want them to know the truth about God, the truth about the world, and the truth about themselves.

For example, we teach children that there is a God who loves them and to whom they are accountable. We teach them that they are important to God and that there is a reason for living beyond living for themselves. Each week any number of caring teachers do just that in our Sunday schools, children’s church, and Kids4Truth programs.

  • Sunday School: Fellowship offers a Sunday school program for all children ages 2 years old through senior high at 9:30am Sunday morning.  The curriculum we use gives our children a solid package of Bible teaching, reading and even some homework.
  • Children’s Church: During each Sunday morning service, children 2 years old through the 4th grade are dismissed during the final congregational hymn to a service designed just for them.  Bible teaching, a prayer time, and more singing are planned to help them know and love God.
  • Kids4Truth: K4T is a program centered on the gospel in which Bible memory is a key element.  The evening is divided into three segments: game time, handbook time, and council time.  Children will participate in one of three groups based on their age. Fellowship’s K4T program meets on Wednesday nights from 7:00pm – 8:00pm during the school year.
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